Bitcoin Lending

Bitcoin is not a cryptocurrency, it's much more. You can not even buy, sell or trade them, but borrow or lend it also. That what makes this virtual currency so great - various uses. Bitcoin Lending is decent method to grow your income or borrow for growth of business.

Here you're going to find trustworthy and reliable Bitcoin Lending platforms. In each review most important information provided such as fees, requirements, verification, and pros/cons. 

We want to remind that borrowing or lending must be considered before making any actions. It involves various risks and can affect you with money loss. Because of volatile Bitcoin price it is advised to use funds which cannot influence your further financial situation.

Bitcoin Lending Sites



Bitbond started in 2013, Germany. Since then it has grown to more than 100,000 users, who funded more than 1,800 loans which total volume is €2,000,000+. Today Bitbond is the leader of peer-to-peer lending.



BTCPop is one more great P2P lending sites. It differs from others because of IPO and exchange support. In addition, it offers pretty solid level of the privacy.



!!! Due to government regulations BitLendingClub is closing this year !!!