btcpop review


BTCPop is a very popular Peer-to-Peer lending platform which was created using a blockchain technology. With many amazing features, it's a great place to lend or borrow coins and tokens.
More details in this BTCPop Review are provided.

Main Features
  • Bitcoin Borrowing
  • Bitcoin Lending
  • AutoInvest
  • IPO
  • Exchange
  • Bonds buy/sell/trade
Deposit Methods
  • Tons of cryptocurrencies starting with Bitcoin ending - you name it, are supported
Profiles Connection
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
Fees/Interest Rate
  • Transaction fee depends on cryptocurrency used
  • APR  (annual percentage rate) varies. It can be few percents only or go as high as more than 1000%
  •  Other fees depends on loan size, user's history, etc.
  • Account must be verified
  • 3 different loans can be active at a time
  • Loan limit depends on the user history
  • Account can be not verified so it allows to anonymise the lender
  • More than a few loans can be active at a time
  • Personal details are necessary
  • Proof of address
  • ID (DL, ID, or passport)
  • Selfie
  • Proof of income
  • Video 
  • The more details user provides, the better chances getting a loan
  • Verification process is mandatory for the borrowers only
Countries Supported
  • All countries are supported
Btcpop review
  • Loan request can be opened from few days to the weeks
  • It's possible to get instant loan, but a good credit history is required (repaid more than 2BTC)
  • Speed may vary due to loan terms, funding size and more
  • Limits are set up by user's credit story, active loans 
  • Usually 3 active loans can be active at a time
  • Lenders do not have active limits, and number of active loans are judgement of itself
  • BTCPop provides no details about the company, so it's really hard to say where personal details and documents of the users are stored
  • All logs are saved
  • Lenders can stay unverified
Security and Safety
  • SSL certificate
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • SMS verification
  • Email verification
  • ISP lock
  • IP lock
  • Mixed wallets (cold storage, different online wallets)
  • IPO
  • Exchange supports huge number of coins/tokens
  • Many opportunities to get additional income
  • Lenders aren't required go through verification process
  • Comments and communication in the loan listing
  • Strong verification requirements
  • No proper details about the company
  • Poor number of requested loans available
  • No IPO offers available most of the time

BTCPop created great peer-to-peer lending platform. It offers many cool features such as exchange, bond trading, IPO, etc. Furthermore, the level of security is very high and verification process is quite decent, so borrowers usually shouldn't be scammers.

However, we missed information about the company, comprehensive details about its work, team and system. Finally, invest, borrow or lend on your own evaluation. Always remember that the lending can be very high risk. As a result, invest only those money which can be lost without further negative effect for your financial situation.


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